In April 22th 2018, a new original animation video has been announced for YuruYuri at the Pony Canyon official Youtube channel, the anime adaptation based on Namori's everyday life comedy manga. The new OVA celebrates the 10th anniversary of the original manga, which is serialized in Ichijinsha's Comic Yuri Hime magazine.

Although no concrete details for the cast, crew, and release date of the new OVA have yet been revealed, the official website for the YuruYuri anime has been updated. Additionally, it has been revealed that the new OVA is entitled YuruYuri Ten. The title (which is written as "YuruYuri," in Hiragana) is a pun on both the english number "10" for the ten year anniversary and also the Japanese word "ten", which denotes a dot, spot, point, or punctuation mark.

Official Announcement Video

「ゆるゆり、」登場 −原作10周年

「ゆるゆり、」登場 −原作10周年


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