Sakurako Ōmuro (大室 櫻子 Ōmuro Sakurako?) is a secondary character in the anime Yuru Yuri, and a member of the Student Council. She, along Nadeshiko Ōmuro and Hanako Ōmuro, is the main protagonist of the spin-off manga Ōmuro-ke.


Sakurako Full

Sakurako is a young girl of an average height. She has wavy blonde hair and brown eyes, and an almost absent bust. She usually keeps two hair clips on the left side of her head, one red, one black.


While she applied for the position of Student Council, Sakurako is very lazy and usually unreliable. She has very short-term memory, usually nearly instantly forgetting most things she's told about. She's very resilient in doing her homework, and Himawari ends up doing most of it. She's also showed to be a glutton.

To make things short, she and Kyōko have very similar personalities, but unlike Kyōko, Sakurako doesn't seem to do well in school, often messing up her kanji writing and ending up writing completely different things than she initially wanted to. She's also much lazier, preferring to prepare pre-prepared food rather than actually learn to cook, as shown when she asked suggestions from Yui for what to prepare for dinner, Yui tried to suggest a simple recipe that Sakurako could prepare on her own, but Sakurako kept wanting to buy pre-prepared ingredients no matter what Yui suggested.

However, she's showcased as being quite sporty, a thing she teases Himawari about since the latter is not. Sakurako looks up to her veterans, especially Kyōko. She's showed to be very gullible, usually believing most things she's told about.


Himawari Furutani

Sakurako and Himawari share a long-lasting rivalry, however, this wasn't always the case; During childhood, they were getting along so well Nadeshiko decided to set up a make-believe wedding for the two. Even through their bickering, Sakurako is showed to still have kept some feelings for Himawari, the converse also being true.

Kyōko Toshinō

They'd seem to bond well if they'd had more time to hang out, they are also a very dumb pair, as shown when Kyōko groped Sakurako that one time.


  • Sakurako doesn't mind snakes unlike Himawari, but can't stand cockroaches.
  • She likes Isobe fries.


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