Rise Matsumoto (松本 りせ Matsumoto Rise?) is the current student council president who has very little presence (even less than Akari) and often speaks in an inaudible voice that only a few people such as Nishigaki-sensei can understand. She is often used as a test subject for Nishigaki-sensei's inventions. It has been noted that she has been present at a few occasions but has not been shown that she was there until a later episode. She is also the only known Third Year student, making her the oldest known student.


Rise Full

Rise is a short girl, being shorter than all First and Second year students. She had dark brown hair neatly styled in a hime cut, large red eyes, and a very pale complexion.

She is usually seen with her school uniform, but when not in school, she usually wears light-colored, cute clothes.


Not much is known about her personality, but she's shown to be a quiet and level-headed individual, in stark contrast to her student council companions.


  • Although Rise's dialogue is never subtitled, she actually does have audible dialogue in all three seasons (any time her mouth is moving), but she whispers at such a low volume that it's very difficult to hear her even with earphones and extremely high volumes, especially due to background music.
  • Season 1, Episode 9, at around 16:47 when Nana and Rise talk about flying from school to home, Rise is shown talking with minor background noise and music, making it a fairly safe spot to sample her speech without damaging your hearing.
  • She is the only known third year student in the series.