Nadeshiko Ōmuro (大室 撫子 Ōmuro Nadeshiko?) is Sakurako's older sister who is 18 years old. She also has small breasts like Sakurako, but she is very intelligent.[1] She is in a romantic relationship with a girlfriend, who has shared a futon with her.[2]

Along with her sisters, she is also one of the main characters of the Yuru Yuri spinoff, Oomuro-ke.


  • She is probably the only person who remembers that Sakurako and Himiwari are 'married'.
  • She is the only person to call Himawari "Himako".
  • Her favorite flavor is chocolate.
  • Her favorite (in-universe) manga seems to be "Super Maiden Ricchii".



  1. the brain is "excellent (優秀 yūshū?), the breasts are "poor (残念 zannen?)", the plot setting with illustration in booklet with Comic 7 Limited Edition, and be collected by TV animation official fan book 95 page
  2. The November 2011 edition of Comic Yuri hime.
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