Chizuru Ikeda (池田 千鶴 Ikeda Chizuru?) is Chitose's twin sister. She first appears in Season 1 Episode 8 when Kyōko mistakes her for Chitose in the library.


Chizuru Full

Like her sister, she has wavy neck-length white hair. Unlike her sister, however, she has green tsurime eyes, instead of blue tareme eyes.

She's usually seen in her school uniform, but when not at school, she usually wears plain and simple clothes.


Initially, Chizuru is showed to be a cold and taciturn person, pretty much the opposite of Chitose's nice and cuddly nature. Her distant personality causes other people to feel intimidated and uneasy around her, resulting in her not having a lot of friends.

A thing both Ikeda sisters have in common is their ability to fantasize on Yuri pairings should they take off their glasses. However, unlike Chitose, Chizuru fantasizes on the Ayano/Chitose pairing and shares a strong dislike for Kyōko, thinking of her as a barrier to her fantasies. Also, unlike Chitose's nose bleeding, she drools instead.

During Season 3, her personality changes progressively throughout time; after a promise made to Kaede, she is currently working to smile more often and her personality generally softened around people, something which usually only happened when she was at home with her sister.


  • Chitose Ikeda: She is her twin sister, with whom she shares a strong bond with. According to Chitose, this may be because she is "just shy" since she, at home behaves like an ordinary sister, like scrubbing her back during baths, letting Chitose blowdry her hair and sleeping with her at the same bed.
  • Kyōko Toshinō: On episode 8 Kyōko teased her so much she got tired and bothered of her and Chizuru believes that Kyōko is a barrier between her fantasies.
  • Kaede Furutani: She made a promise to Kaede that she would smile more.
  • Haruka Koyama: Tries to make friends with her but fails at first. They become somewhat close.
  • Takane Dezaki: Tries to make friends with her but fails at first. They become somewhat close.




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YuruYuri Nachuyachumi!

YuruYuri San☆Hai!

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  • Chizuru is the only student along with Rise who did not participate in the camping trip in the OVA. Chitose states this is because of her shyness when asked about. It is later revealed that she was at their home, staring at posters of Ayano and Chitose with her glasses off and drooling, showing that she was fantasizing.