As a member of the student council, Chitose Ikeda (池田 千歳 Ikeda Chitose?) is almost always seen with Ayano.


Chitose Full
Chitose is a short girl with wavy, chin-length lavender-white hair. She has indigo tareme eyes and thin-framed glasses with round lenses.

She is usually seen with her school uniform, but when not at school, she is usually seen with light, simple clothes.


She has a gentle disposition, and often (especially when she takes her glasses off) has various warm and fuzzy Yuri fantasies, almost always pairing Kyōko together with Ayano, which often leads to near-fatal nosebleeds. She speaks in soft Kansai dialect and likes tsukemono.

Whenever Chitose eats chocolate, she goes on a Yuri make-out rampage on everyone in sight, including her sister Chizuru (Season 1, Episode 12). The only way to stop the "creature" is to tire her out with nosebleeds, achieved when Ayano kisses Kyōko on the cheek. In the manga, the reason for her rampage is due to the chocolate having alcohol in its composition.


Ayano Sugiura

Chitose's best friend. They hang out almost all the time and have a deep connection. There are small hints in the show that may direct Chitose to be secretly in love with Ayano but pushes them aside to support Ayano's crush on Kyōko. (However, this isn't certain.) She has fantasies about Ayano and Kyōko in romantic situations and nosebleeds as a result. She is very sweet to Ayano.


  •  She is the elder twin of Chizuru Ikeda.
  • She has round indigo eyes while Chizuru has green "tsurime" eyes.
  • When fantasizing, she has nosebleeds while Chizuru drools.
  • She's a good student in her own right: in the manga we see Ayano getting a top exam score, and Chitose's name also appears in the top ten.